Change your posture ... Change your life

YogAlign works to re-pattern this neuromuscular wiring, enabling you to acquire optimal alignment on a innate and intrinsic level.

YogAlign poses are similar to how we use our body in real life.

YogAlign allows you to create a new template for natural alignment that keeps you in perfect posture whether you are doing yoga, cycling, gardening, sitting at your desk or walking the dog.

YogAlign does not hurt. Our emphasis is on good posture, not good poses. YogAlign simulates functional movements and supports the natural curves of the spine.

Remember the innate natural way your body is designed to move and breathe. Anyone of any age, any fitness level can do YogAlign. When practicing YogAlign our body is kept safe, stable, and free of injury by using positions that simulate real-life movement.

See the results after just 2 hours of YogAlign.


8 Key Elements of YogAlign

Core breathing - balancing the muscles of respiration by balancing the forces of inhalation, exhalation, expansion and compression.

Psoas activation - waking up the core of your core. This group connects your upper and lower body, and your inner emotional body to the physical body.  It is involved with moving, breathing, organ support, emotions and spine alignment. Activating your psoas with the rest of your core abdominal muscles in synergy is the key to a pain free body and dynamic fluid core center.

Natural spine alignment - when practiced at the same time you breathe, YogAlign poses help bring beneficial alignment patterns from the inside out. Beneficial spine alignment will then become intrinsic in your body once you recode your Neuromuscular patterning.

Concentric/Eccentric PNF - (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) neuromuscular balancing exercises: exercises that recode your postural patterns using tension and release exercises combined with perception and natural alignment positions.

Freeing your fascia and experimental anatomy - our fascia is a web like tissue which surrounds and guides our muscle pathways, determines the quality of our movements affecting our immune system, hormonal and nervous system.

Self-massage and sensory body awareness - self-massage is the self-love tool for bringing blood flow, relaxation and sensory awareness in your soft tissue and your organs.

Self care - eating natural foods, sunlight, sleep, and exercising. Taking care of the physical body in a balanced way is the key to being in harmony with your body while practicing the alignment principles.

Being in the Now - by being present with the body and focusing on the breath, one comes to a state of yoga or union within the body, mind, and spirit. We begin to see clearly and stop identifying with the actions of the mind.  

...All you have to lose is your pain.
All you have to gain is more length in your spine and peace of mind...

...You can shift quickly to be aligned and pain free...